by BorderLoos Blog on Tue, Dec 08 2015 21:07:00

Border Barriers

Border Barriers / BorderLoos Event Hire have invested heavily in their transport department over the last 12 months. They continue to invest in this area today and are currently awaiting the arrival of additional new vehicles and trailers due in the spring. On top of this they have built a new operations centre to accommodate their logistics department. This will be their centralised hub for all communications between staff and depots to ensure the efficient movement of products and vehicles.

The total investment in their transport division including heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), a new operations centre and an upgraded computer system is £1.5m.

Border Barriers / BorderLoos Event Hire described the expansion of its truck fleet as "an unprecedented investment" for the firm and comes on the back of a strategic decision to step up service and flexibility for customer deliveries.

Newly appointed transport manager Alan Berry assisted by Thomas Gill said: "As part of this investment, we have some of the latest safety equipment on the vehicles, including cameras, side-scanning sensors and safety alarms to warn the driver of vulnerable road users. In addition, we have installed full fleet tracking to all of our vehicles, so that we can provide customers with accurate information including expected delivery / collection times."

The fleet of vehicles range from articulated to rigid lorries with differing sizes / weights of vehicles and trailers, allowing for smaller loads to be carried or for the vehicle to manoeuvre more easily when required. Lorry-mounted Forklift vehicles allow vehicles to be loaded / unload quickly and easily by the driver. These Moffett Mounty forklift lorries also offer an extra trailer to increase their load carrying capabilities for large jobs. Furthermore the vehicles comply to Euro 6 emissions standards, have the latest safety equipment fitted and are FORS and Crossrail compliant. All drivers are accredited and have on-going driver training for nationwide delivery and installation.

National operations director Philip Armstrong added: "The investment in our transport capability is unprecedented in Border Barrier / BorderLoos Event Hire’s history. It provides an additional benefit to our logistics division through the inclusion of a trunking function - transferring equipment overnight between our depots and it also provides our staff and the general public with a safer environment to operate in."